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Nagisa Furukawa | 18 | Anpan &Cats|.

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"I am physically weak, but I don't want to be a weak person"

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Homework? More like no work.
*nailed it*

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Tomoya listening to his new bride in the shower. ^_~



30 Day Animanga Challenge:

Day 13. Saddest Scene (Clannad After Story)

Anonymous sent: hello friend. How are you doing today, friend?

Assuming this is meant for me:

I’ve been ok just hanging in there… -heavy sigh- How are you doing love? Thank you so much for asking though♥

Hey you

Remember that you are beautiful and people out there care for you!

Even though you feel really upset now just know that it does get better!

Think of all the parts of the world you haven’t seen yet so please, don’t give up!

Remember I love you and you can make it!

Because I believe in you!♥


「渚」/「【yae】 三日目ペ24b」


」/「【yae】 三日目ペ24b